February 20, 2009


When Jacquie Perry from “This Ibiza Life” saw my blog, she phoned me to come along to Gail Fear and her’s weekly radio programme to talk about it. Why did you start doing it? What gave you the idea? What is a blog? So, with all these questions in mind we spoke about it on the programme and it also gave me the oportunity to see a radio and television studio, how it works and also get to meet some of the known and popular people that appear on the screen such as Jesus Rumbo and Agustin from the famous Kafé Kaleta from the T.E.F (Televisiò de Eivissa i Formentera). and also the people we don’t see behind the microphones in the studio.

Jacquie Perry inside the “control room”(left) and on the right with the “token man” of the programme, Ben Bates. Ben was a correspondant with the BBC, played in the English Football League, was a physical trainer there and is the actual physical trainer of the Ibiza Rugby Team which to date have never lost a match. The programme is on air every Tuesday on 106.4 FM every Tuesday between 2100-2200. It is a phone-in, chat, informative programme as well as you being able to make your requests and dedications for any type of occasion or just to hear your name on air. You can also listen in on www.ondapitiusa.com.
Here I want to share some of my moments with you of that Tuesday and thank everybody for the kindness I was shown in those few hours in the studios of Onda Pitiusa and let me make a special mention to Jacquie who in spite of my nerves infront of the microphone made me feel that comfortable as if I was in my own home. I also saw how Marcos from “Punto G” (Monday to Friday 1900-2100) did his programme and also Xavi who does Backstage every Tuesday between 2200-2300.

The famous presenters of Kafé Kaleta en la TEF, that goes out on air every Thursday around 2215, who were preparing a new programme, in the photo below and with Marco from Punto G, who show that although the television and the radio are two different worlds they all get on well together.
KAFE KALETA is a funny, entertaining and animated programme like their presenters and below we have Marco and Agus showing the pace to a rap.
And as we can see in the photo below it’s normal that between the two presenters there are some disagreements or a change of impressions but with intelligence, calmness and understanding they usually find a pacific solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Above, Jacquie in the arms of her radio and television colleagues and below Xavi in the studio, broadcasting his Backstage Show that goes out every Tuesday at 2200 and a tender photo of Agus and Jacquie on the right.

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  1. This must have been a real fun thing to do.

    I see some more beautiful special celebration clothes and jewellery. I think it is nice how small islands are so good at holding on to tradition and traditional dress for special occasions.