October 23, 2009



In April 2.007 there was inaugurated this statue of bronze of the sculptor Pedro Hormigo in the same reservoirs of the salt mines of Ibiza recalling and honouring all the workers of Ses Salines that with their hard work were extracting the salt course to the ships or the trains (yes, trains still today can see the rails) where they were loading the salt, with destination on the tables of many families. Never rather that these men were earning their "salary".

The statue measures 1,85 meters high which is what would be a model to natural scale.
The monument is placed rightly next to the church of Ses Saline´s Sant Francesc, and sight of distant view makes us recall these past times where men's big rows with their basket on the head full of salt, were parading these places, today already replaced with machinery that does the same work for fewer "salary".

October 10, 2009


Punta des Trucadors y Pas de S´Espalmador

Is located at the very Northern point of Formentera or the Southern point of Espalmador and is no much more than 300 meters. So we can say it´s possible to walk from one island to the other when the water is calm. But the frequent currents in this area can be very dangerous.
The area of "Es Trucadors" is rocky place but surrounded of a lot of sand. Also is very interesting the dunar system at both areas, at the south of the island of Espalmador and the North area of Formentera.

As sample here we see some sand coast of Formentera and at the back the dunes of Espalmador. Nothing to envy to the best Caribbean pictures.

During summer Es Trucadors is the favourite place to anchor the numerous yachts that come neighboring Ibiza.
The seagulls take advantage of the draughts of this maritime strait to fly fast around this area.

October 08, 2009


Some days ago an agency invited us to do an excursion in a catamaran. On my way to the ship... SURPRISE....!!!!!!!! Six tourist guides of a French TT OO, which they are every Saturday at the airport while I check in the flight to Marseille (always someone assign this flight to me), but today they were going to this sailing tour.

Leaving the port of Ibiza

The whole group full of energy and vitality
As they never stop, in the return this ball of colors that is placed in the right side, it finished in the Mediterranean. This is what can happen when you play onboard a ship, things can end on the sea... as my bonnie lies over the ocean....!!!! remember???
the catamaran anchoraged in the Illetes beach of Formentera.
Renée dancing on board at the left Josepha
Estelle looking the maritime landscape and Habib always in good humour
Nadyne in a very seaworthy image and Tony looking far away to the horizon

During the journey, we can see the Espalmador Island.

Some dramatic images at the return to Ibiza. The weather changed and some big clouds appeared.

Never ending energy, even in sunbathe they continue with activities. At the back we can see the catamaran waiting for us.

Looking this picture we may think is a swimming pool. But is not, it is the sea of Formentera. So with this water, who wants to remain on board??????

HASTA LA VISTA AMIGOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 01, 2009


Some time ago since I want to take some photo of beams, but no way ... Finally I made the dream reality, and one night ago with the storms that lately are so frequent, finally I plundered them... Storm, beams, suitable distance, ideal frame (Talamanca's bay), and certainly camera in hand. This is the way I can celebrate the first year of this blog (spanish version), and by the way to illustrate a bit my state of mind ....: (