October 23, 2009



In April 2.007 there was inaugurated this statue of bronze of the sculptor Pedro Hormigo in the same reservoirs of the salt mines of Ibiza recalling and honouring all the workers of Ses Salines that with their hard work were extracting the salt course to the ships or the trains (yes, trains still today can see the rails) where they were loading the salt, with destination on the tables of many families. Never rather that these men were earning their "salary".

The statue measures 1,85 meters high which is what would be a model to natural scale.
The monument is placed rightly next to the church of Ses Saline´s Sant Francesc, and sight of distant view makes us recall these past times where men's big rows with their basket on the head full of salt, were parading these places, today already replaced with machinery that does the same work for fewer "salary".

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