December 22, 2010


Merry Christmas

Again Christmas... the winter is back and in the island the streets are getting emptier and the families more united.
In these dates of greetings the Christmas trees are all over, and also here are very often to see the Christian Nativity scenes.
In these case, I took the angel´s picture from the Nativity´s scene in Saint Elmo´s church in La Marina of Ibiza and the second one from the street market placed at Vara de Rey´s square where I could find this one that´s really original and costumed as the old local´s island people, and the scenary belongs to the Sant Mateu village.
I take chance to greet all the visitors of this blog during 2010, and wish you a very Happy Holidays and a great year 2011.

December 14, 2010


The appearance reminds one of those roman temples surrounded by columns and gabled roofs.
There is still here, after all these years, the place where different generations have been doing their shopping there more natural products, especially fruit and vegetables
Here, time passes very slowly, no long lines of people to pay as in bid department stores or supermarkets. Also not long from this market, we find very close the most modern fashion stores waiting for us.
The flowers smell like flowers, but these do not come from the Netherlands, but from the sellers own houses to display their products, sometimes even from their own gardens, very fresh and they smell like freshly harvested fruit farm, nothing do with these fruits without taste of some big shopping malls.
Household containers, household products that coexist with others that are manufactured in factories, but the top products of this place are fruit and vegetables themselves. Ibiza homemade herbal oil, made here, olives on the island, biological products, natural flavored salt....
Just a few meters from the portal de ses taules, main entrance to the walled city of Dalt Vila, and while some tourists buy, others are visiting the city's Historical Heritage
Prices are reflected on the blackboards, making more real this place and avoiding plastic labels or tickets onto the regular grocery, and here in the city, we have an extremely natural and genuine trade ...
But the important thing is that we can buy here as we were in the country, and very close of the most historical place of the island outdoors of the walled city and also in neoclassical style building that seems eternal and will continue now and where future generations will continue buying here as time goes by...