June 17, 2011



The "podarcis pityusensis" is the only species of lizard that inhabits the islands and is endemic to Ibiza, Formentera and the islets that surrounds the small archipelago. Although summer is very frequently observed species this lizard is threatened. Can be easily seen on sunny days and after an hour and a half after sunrise. In winter lethargy especially on cloudy or cold days as they are a kind solar thermal animals. These lyzards has also been introduced on the island of Mallorca.

It feeds on pollen, flowers, nectar, leaves, fruits and seeds but also eat some small insects occasionally. Their worst enemies are cats, the almost non-existent genets and some small birds such as owls. Its color varies depending on the geographic area of the islands, so for example the ones in this post are photographed in the south-west of Formentera and have a turquoise color. In the eastern part of Formentera and the island of Ibiza in general are green and in the north of the island of Formentera, and some areas of Ibiza predominantly brown. In some of the small islets they have a blackish color.

Ibiza and Formentera have their small but intense "Jurassic Park" in miniature of this species in the case of the island of Formentera has become a symbol, not in vain in the past Formentera was called by the Greeks as Ophiusa (as is told by the huge number of snakes that lived there) maybe they existed already at that time in large quantities (many more than at present) and are the same lizards that today still enjoy the sun of this island paradise and that surprised their first visitors.

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