August 07, 2010



It is Fiesta in Ibiza, and therefore give the opportunity to witness the folklore of this island, we are lucky to have preserved and is not even similar to any other within the Balearic Islands. The folklore of Ibiza and Formentera is something unique and the origins are lost in time, probably keeping Punic and Arab periods or even more primitive.

It consists especially of three major dances. Sa Curta (The short one) slow moving and dancing people over age, then ends with Sa Llarga (the long one) and is the main dance.

Sa Llarga is a vigorous and joyful dance and rapid leaps by men about women. Perhaps she represents the moon, so the woman turns around the man, trying not to turn away.

The bridal dance was called "the thirteen turns" 13, is a number that refers to the moon. Over time was changed to 12 and in some versions is called "the nine turns", number nine which also has links with the satellite of the moon. Going from 13 to 12, was due to superstition and the bad reputation of number 13, for the twelve (apostles number and a very appreciated in the old Ibiza). Necklaces closer to the "emprendada" (set of necklaces, and religious images, buttons and rings of gold) will pass nine or twelve times (once thirteen).

On the dance the nine or twelve turns come with the main characters at a wedding, elbows touched first and then her hands with rings and castanets him, and while they play spinning. After ses nou rodades dance the music makes a crescendo and change to sa llarga frantically playing and all those attending the wedding were incorporated back into the dancing and dance making great leaps around the couple.

The way to call the girl by the male should not surprise or roughing the assumptions to do so by ringing the castanets with a bang. There is contempt by either the man or submission by women. Worse was to long ago where tradition marked the best compliment for the girls in Ibiza was the flash of gunpowder that the boy threw to the foot of the girl with his blunderbuss, leaving the mass, once outside the church shaking the foundations of the church and place but that was a great honor for the girl.
Throughout the dance, the woman has no expression in her face, not surprising, it may even appear submissive, going round and round the man, looking downcast and meditative as if oblivious to everything that happens. Ignore the man jumps and had only made a small bow to the man, when at the end of the dance the man kneels with a gesture of respect towards her, ending the dance for the couple.

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