April 30, 2010



Es Freus is the name that is known the narrow area between the island of Ibiza and Formentera and is made up of many Iroquois and islets, among them highlighted the Illa dels Penjats and S 'Espalmador. Some much smaller the rock d'es Daus (pictured above) was the cause of the collision and sinking of the ship "Don Pedro", outside the port of Ibiza in the summer of 2007.

These 6.3 km between the two islands of Ibiza and Formentera, consisting of a series of islets and islands of remarkable beauty, ideal for a leisurely day sail, but there is not always good weather in this area, which is also an area with frequent and strong currents.
Therefore is essential the aid to navigation installed there as lighthouses in this area as well as an additional aid in the form of numerous bright beacons to perform maritime maneuvers safely. Although this area is unfortunately a very common marine casualties and incidents.

Two of the most spectacular lighthouses onto the Balearic Islands are these ones in this area, the lighthouse called d´en Pou at the north of Espalmador but located on a separate islet and the island des Penjats (hangings island, from the pirates era). The whole area has great ecological value and is located within the Natural Park of Ses Salines.

Es Freus comes from the Latin "fretus" (narrow), The resident people closest to the area was formerly called "Ses Portes (doors) as it is called the guard tower south of Ibiza close to this area .

Arriving or departing to or from Formentera is special when mixed scenically beautiful area of sand dunes north of Formentera with dunes South Island Espalmador with crystalline turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.

April 22, 2010



I must admitted that I did not know this cove that kept it as a secret, I discovered in some corner of my island.

Surrounded by pine trees and crystal clear water. It reminds me of some of these beaches not crowded at all in Menorca.

A kind of small river of sea water takes us on a rocky stretch to the beach and assures us that most of the year has very calm waters. Depends on the time it will be embellished with flowers or simply by the awesome blue Mediterranean Sea.

The pines gives a green touch to this cove that contrast with the color of the rocks and blue sea. A few yards from the cove there are some caves where some fishermen leave their boats refugees, until the return to the sea.

April 15, 2010



One of the most beautiful white churches that locates at the center on this small but beautiful village, with the peculiarity that is the only town in Ibiza with two etymological names. Sant Rafel de Sa Creu (possibly cross reference to the crossroads that took place previously in this place) & Sant Rafel de Forca. This town is located in the center of the island, while competing with Santa Gertrudis on this subject.

The main square is dedicated to Joan Cardona Marí and is the heart place of this quiet village. In this square there are superb views to the city of Ibiza. The square is dominated by a monument to one of the most illustrious men of the island he was born here in Sant Rafel and is a sculpture signed by Hormigo as well as others r scattered around the island. Joan Cardona Marí followed the steps of Isidor Macabich and agreed in many aspects since both were priests and historians in addition to canons of the Ibiza´s Cathedral.

Joan Marí Cardona was the founder of Radio Popular de Ibiza, which was the first radio network on the island. It also has an extensive bibliography of written works. la isla.

Not far from the "center" of this small town can enjoy the Ibizan countryside and there are many almond trees, carob trees and some olive trees surrounding this small town.

Also, many fruit trees that stand close to the typical Ibizan buildings so common in this place.

Ibizan architecture is present in the heart of this place. Therefore there is no shortage houses with big walls whitewashed.

In Sant Rafel anything is possible. The absolute tranquility, the best restaurants and even the biggest club in the world, which is relatively close to this town, but far enough away to ensure the ease with which this town has.

This place is where many couples decide to get marry. Many of the most famous wedding between famous people have taken place in this town, even the very Princep and princess of Spain attended a wedding here few years ago.

The porch of the church is a meeting place that is surrounded by restaurants and where you have a beautiful view of the surrounding places.

In his church there are two large painting pictures which are very curious, since one is the representation of a Nativity where shepherds use the costumes festooned with Ibiza and another by the same author just off the main entrance where you can see some New Testament passages, with landscapes of the island, and Christ walking in Punta Galera, the Cap Nono become a kind of Mount Golgotha or Jesus carrying the cross and passing in front of the Cathedral of Ibiza.

April 10, 2010



The golf course and urbanization Roca llisa is located between Ibiza Town and Santa Eulalia. Built in the early '70s, is considered one of the most luxurious residential areas on the island.

The golf course is the only one on the island. but by road is never more than thirty-five minute away by car from any point of the island. The golf course is actually two golf courses in one. One 18-hole course and a nine the second one.

There are some spectacular villas within the place. Some others are a bit more simple but completely detached and independent.

Some houses or mansions with sumptuous gardens are spread around the resort.

Some celebrities have their residence in this area. A site can qualify as "high standing".

Other villas are more "modest" but they are not affordable to any pocket. For some sites, this development is completely surrounded by pine trees.

April 07, 2010



Who has the biggest one?, I have declined my self to compare my camera against those big cameras from the other bloggers. Mine is very little and simple but for me is quite enough...
I must say that I have two appointments with other Ibicencans bloggers, and have been a very enjoyable experience. I would like to thank to all of them for that.

The second appointment, Javier Marí, the biggest chief Spotters of Ibiza came, and of course I took the opportunity to immortalize him on a picture (beard and all) with the bell tower of the beautiful church of Sant Rafel, in the heart of the island.

Here Jordi Gavaldá shows Javi the last results of the pictures at that moment. That day we were in middle of a little village as well as at the center of the countryside near that nice village.

Here Joan Costa taken pictures to the hundred of flowers that thanks to the many rains on the island during last winter the countryside show us during this spring.

In our first appointment, we were at the East coast side of the island. The sea was the center of the pictures during that day. Up here we can see Jordi Gavaldá the famous blogger taken pictures with his camera.

That day Javier Marí could not share the day with us, but at the second chance in San Rafael he meet us.
But we are missing someone, and Jordi tries to convince him... by the phone.
Joan Costa taking pictures at the sea shore, we must wait for someone who felt asleep.
The question is.... who´s that...?
Meanwhile waiting Joan & Jordi, are comparing their cameras for the next photo season...

At last!!! Here he comes....!!! Oh Pepe, Shame on you!!!. Always arriving late at all places... this is familiar to me...!! Is Pepe, !!! The great Pepe.

Here we are all four, so time to take pictures... Pepe Roselló doesn´t waste time and he prepares camera and start doing pictures like no tomorrow....
Pepe smiling, great pictures took Pepe during that day....!!!

Jordi taking pictures with his camera?....

.......o even better his cameras????.

Here are the three of them taking pictures. S´estanyol, Cala Espart, Roca Llisa & Sant Rafel are the places that will be shown in this blog soon.
Time for pictures came to the end and Joan is getting ready the camera to take the last pictures of the day with the four of us.
Advise: If you are interested to see the Blogs of them, please click at the name of them, in some there is a link straight to their blogs....