August 20, 2014



The village of Santa Eulalia inaugurated some weeks ago, the new town hall square next to the promenade of the sea, now seems much broader, taking advantage of the space and the great sea views; now it is possible to see the sea from the town hall due the architectonic change of its square. This place is now enjoyed it by its inhabitants and visitors. Santa Eulalia remains being the second largest population of the island, a place where the essence of the island is present. 
For this remodel, I'm sure it takes into account the relationship of this town (also known as Villa river) with the water and its river. The water was an abundant good in this area of ​​the island, so, here ends the only river of the spanish islands. Today dry unfortunately (except when it rains).

The traditional irrigation of arab origin, performed and as present in the rural countryside of this island, is represented here by these staggered channels that lead from the city hall to the sea, along the area.

These channels lead us to the sea from the Town Hall, and meanwhile we can begin to enjoy magnificent sea views as we approach the promenade of Santa Eulalia that merges with this new ride at one of its ends.
Another of his innovations are the new sources that although there were some sources before, just opposite the Town Hall, now they are much more impressive and have changing lights and can even dance onto the beat of music. Again thanks to the new design of these sources, this square has much more space now..

A classic of Santa Eulalia town is this ancient cistern that have been preserved with the remodeling of this ride and has been not touched, though now without the heavy traffic passing right in front has become a wider pedestrian zone..

They have incorporated some bronze sculptures of something as representative for the island such as the Ibizan hound breed that surely comes from Egypt and was brought to the island by the Phoenicians who had contact with the people of Egypt and they were the first inhabitants of the island . These dogs have become an attraction over this area and are one of the most photographed devices as well as the pixies that are playing near water (their habitat) they also are characters that are closely related to this Villa. The hounds and the elves can also enjoy the sea and the many tourists who walk through the area....
I believe that Santa Eulalia del Rio has become a prime tourist population in Ibiza, which has nothing to do with some bad reputation that sometimes has the island and is that who will visit this town, they will see how people enjoy without need of drinking alcohol all time or drugs, on the contrary, these are people of all ages who enjoy the shops, restaurants and all that this beautiful and unavoidable villa offers..

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