August 04, 2015


For the second consecutive year is celebrated in Ibiza the procession of its patron saint, Our Lady of the Snows. The tour begins in the new area of the city, specifically from the parish of Santa Cruz, to the Cathedral located at the top of the hill where is located the ancient city of Ibiza today is "World Heritage" since 1999.
Some parishes involved carrying banners of their parish to accompany the patron saint of Ibiza and Formentera through the streets of the city. The best is when passing through a part of the impressive walls of the city of Ibiza.
The entrance to one of the most beautiful places in Ibiza (Portal de ses Taules) is somewhat complicated and you have to lower the image .... 
To get to the courtyard of arms, which is a place inside the walls of Ibiza where a few decades ago was located the first hippy market of Ibiza. 
Surprisingly, the patron saint of Ibiza is the Marian advocation of "Snow", snow is a rare event in the island ... but the choice of the patron has a rather historical explanation. 
In 1235, an August 8th, was conquered Ibiza by troops of the Crown of Aragon for the King of Aragon James I the Conqueror, (pictured above the shield of the King of Aragon can be seen embedded on the wall, behind the image of the Virgin), then once conquered the island to the Arabs, it was established that was to be built a church dedicated to St. Mary, however, it was established that the Marian devotion would be chosen by the closest Marian festivity of August 8, the day which the island was conquered. So, Santa Maria de las Nieves (also known as Santa Maria Maggiore) was choosen as Patron of Ibiza, and the new church was dedicated to her, as his feast day is celebrated on August 5th. 
The image continues its way towards the cathedral, passing through the famous city walls, and the most emblematic places of the town, while passing by the famous "Plaza de Vila" folks will mixing with tourists who are surprised with the fest. 

At this point the procession must face the most hard part because now comes the steepest slopes that reach the cathedral. Gradually the lights dim smoothly and the streets will be more narrows as we climb.