June 01, 2012


LA XANGA (Las Salinas)

Located at the Natural Park area of Salinas, on the Southeastern side of Ibiza where there is a bay which the sea is usually calm. This bay of calm waters is known by the locals as "La Xanga".

At the both ends of this bay, there are a number of houses or docks for boats, where the locals will spend the days on holiday or Sundays. Although is not a sandy beach, is really appreciated for people who like to take a bath or spend a day at the coast surrounded by the calm on that place.
The easy access to water from the docks make this an attractive place for sunbathing or swimming, or even diving, because here there is a high concentration of marine plants "posidonea" and aquatic life.
At the above footage, we can see all the bay of "La Xanga", from here it seems very rocky...
...but if we go a little further, we note that although is not a sandy beach, there is a pebble beach, in any case always we can use the docks that will help us to lie down, sunbathing or simply read a book. From the situation of some docks located at one end of the xanga we can see the Torre des Carregador de sal, which is located between La Xanga and Playa den Bossa. But the tower is another thing which, I will developed in the next post.

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