April 10, 2015



After a period of "rest", I resume the activity of this blog of Ibiza with one of the most popular beaches on the East side of the island. This is the beach of Es Figueral, and I suppose that the name must reference perhaps, to a large number of fig trees that would be here in this area in the old days.

So the ancient fig trees may have been replaced by the big number of hotels that nowadays have been builded in this area, some huge ones, that are in the vicinity of the beach. It can guess from the pictures, that the beach is of fine sand, ideal for families and for the general public. Here also you can enjoy all amenities like restaurants, bars, sunbeds, lifeguards, showers, pedal boats, windsurfing etc. .....

In the background we can see the island of Tagomago, always present in the northeastern part of the island. These images were taken on this spring season, where still the small population of tourism allows us to enjoy the beaches without the huge number of tourists who will bask in them, within the next weeks.
Although this beach has massive attendance during the summer due to the numerous hotels congregated here, also has a wild side, in fact before construction was a isolated and nudist beach, and there are still wild sides that remind us those old days. In one side of the cove there is a kind of natural monolith that some have called as the "finger of God" in likeness of the one in Gran Canaria island (destroyed some years ago by a tropical storm), this one here, is still standing.

In the wild side of the beach, there is a pebble beach, much quieter than the sand side, but limited by a vertical wall that makes shadows on this beach quite early just after midday, so time to enjoy the sun here is quite limited.

It also has some small islets in this area, which reminds us of the nearby beach of aigues blanques.

In short, it's a beach to enjoy, that yes, like all those in the east of the island ideal to enjoy at first thing in the morning as it is when is better to swim and sunbathing. In the afternoon can be partially affected by shadows.
From this beach we can also discern in the distance the beach of "Sa Cala" Sant Vicent, and right next door of it, we can even make out the remains of an old lighthouse, which was replaced by a new one built on the islet of Tagomago.
We must not forget that even in this area will not enjoy sunsets (we are in the East side of the island), it can enjoy some beautiful sunrises, some as wonderful as the famous sunsets on the West side of the island.