January 06, 2010


JANUARY, 7 th, 1972. 38 YEARS AGO

Here where this chapel was build, 104 persons died in Ses Roques Altes, in this point is where the plane SE-210 (Caravelle) of Iberia, EC-ATV named as" Tomás Luís de Victoria " on January 7 th of 1.972 around midday, hitted against one of the tallest mountain of the island (called " ses roques altes ") the aircraft came from Valencia. Most of the passengers were from the mainland and came for back to work after the Christmas Holiday. 104 names are distributed in four different tablets resembling each of them. there are a big quantity of equal surnames, because entire families, or part of them they remained in this accident where there was no survivors. At that moment it was the biggest plane crash for a spanish airline. Unfortunately this "record" was improved in less than one year time, since on December of the same year in another Spanish island (Tenerife) another plane was smashing overcoming the number of victims of this one (155) and only it would be overcome again by other one in the same airport five years after, in 1.977 staying as absolute world record when two Jumbo jets crashed (583 fatalities).

It is incredible as in a site with such a cruel event, just behind the Chapel, exists a beautiful views of the island, maybe some passengers were look at them from their windows, when they were thinking that they were just almost arriving to their destination. But sometimes unfortunately the destiny is very capricious and cruel....

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  1. was just told of this tragedy for the first time the other day and it was only because of my gentleman friend who is a Soldier serving as a peacekeeper in Afghanistan and soon to be sent to Africa, and we became friends on face book and he told me that when he was 17 his parents were killed in a plane crash just over Spain but he was unable to talk about it as it was so very painful for him to tell me the story. So I decided to search the INTERNET and here I found the story I Was searching for. It is so tragic when accidents like this happen. I feel the pain of my friend and his deep loss. Being only 17 when they died left a major gap in his life and he was the only child, after much contemplation he decided to make the military his life's ambition, he is such a brave soldier and will be going to Africa in a few days on a Peacekeeping mission. I pray for all our brave men and women and I also pray for the lives of people who have lost their lives in accidents such as this great aviation mishap. My prayers are with the families who had to continue on without their loved ones.
    I thank God he has given me a wonderful soldier who lost his dear parents in this accident and now that I know his pain the two of us can deal with this demon and move on in life as I am certain that is what his parents would have wanted him to do. May our Lord bless all of you who work at keeping this news fresh in the minds of people so that we will never forget the sacrifice of their lives on that fateful day in JANUARY 1972

    9 June 2010 06:56