January 23, 2010


In few days she will celebrate her birtday. Eight decades of live, are many years, but she is a very healthy Lady as we can see in these images.
We just need to see the facility that she is dooing the hard work as a very easy thing for her... How she gather the locust-beans in the basket for later on throw tem to a much bigger sacks, and with the devote company of her cat which stands next to her.
Seeing these images to me it is turning onto my roots, my origin ... my grandmothers were dressing equally during all their whole lives, also they several of my aunts, but with the time they desisted, due it was a slightly inconvinient and uncomfortable.
my question is how many twenty-year-old girls or young people would be capable of doing the lwork that this woman does daily? It seems that no backache at all to her...
Slowly but without pauses, calm in occasions, but steadily, little by little she is filling the sacks... This happens one day that I stay with another blogger, and we decide to approach and asking for the corresponding permission, she allows us to approach, we start talking, and with courtesy she allows us to photograph her, she continues doing the withdrawal the fruits simultaneously that attends to us very spirited and charming.
From here I want to wish her a nice HAPPY BIRTHDAY, she celebrate it at the end of January.
or as we say here MOLTS ANYS I BONS and I hope She will could for a long time be still so animated and with plenty health.

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