January 11, 2010



I must have summer nostalgia, now in the middle of winter the cold have arrived to the Pitiuses Islands. Yesterday it was snowing (though without becoming set). So this evening I am remmembering the days I spend in Formentera last summer. These images have come to me as " memory flashes", and therefore I have decided to find those photos that I had somewhere and finally I found them.
So with almost three months of delay and expecting not to pass cold seeing them now, here I hang them, and this way to see and to remember again that special light of Formentera.
Es Pujols is the most tourist zone of this small island. It fills with bicycles and "motorinos". But also the little houses - shipyards of the fishermen coexist with the tourism where they guard their small boats "llauts" creating a place where old ways of life coexists with another most modern side that is the tourism.

The tourism leaves not so charming pictures, but it is necessary to admit that they have their merit. They are able to improvises a street market in his promenade walk or put modern art in the decoration of certain tourist business.

In the early morning or the last hours of the evening the streets fill with people. During the central hours the heat days, the people disappear either to the paradisiac beaches or to sleeping a bit and this way to bear a bit better the heat of the central hours of the day.

Es Pujols offers the best choice in hotels and restaurants of the island, bars, shops, rent of cars, motorcycles, buses with diverse destinations to other points of the island, and even Es Pujols offer a nice white sandy beach may be more crowed than others but very nice anyway with amazing blue sea colours. Also Es Pujols can be a site to isolate a bit in winter where the tranquility in the island is general.

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