July 14, 2011



In Ibiza there are things simply temporary, and some that are a classic and every year there are present season after season. In this case I want to dedicate a small tribute to this little mode of transport connecting the two opposite sides of the bay of Ibiza, transporting tourists and residents from the center of Ibiza Town (port of course) to the area more "chic" of Marina Botafoch at the other end just separate for mile and a half one to another.

Of Course I am talking about this small little boat, now known by several generations of Ibiza. A boat identical to that which today crosses the bay from the capital of the island began in 1932 cruising this little paths that linked the two areas (the tourist area of ​​Talamanca and Ibiza Town) and currently still does so. So in this case the slab is fully guaranteed.

As a bonus should be added that the views of the old town of Ibiza from this boat is amazingly nice on each route that takes only about ten to fifteen minutes. Here we can also easily find large ships entering or leaving the port a few meters from us.

And among these great modern yachts, this one more modest but still experienced daily by joining the two points of the Bay of Ibiza in summer daily from late March to late October and from 09.00 Hours untill late midnight.

Aniano today is heir to his ancestors who created this company and today continues to carry out personally. In addition they also have a different boat, this one, daily links the port of Marina Botafoch directly to the port of La Savina in Formentera at very good prices and very convenient for all these tourists who stay in the area of ​​Talamanca, where they can go on foot from their hotels to Marina Botafoch and then directly to the neighboring island.

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