September 21, 2014


A little gem hidden between Santa Eulalia and Es Canar, a beach of the few ones where one can lie in the shade of the pines, swim in the crystal clear water and has a really clean sand. A beach that once I frequented small and this area left a mark on my memory, when I was playing down these pines (which were somewhat smaller than they are today).
Right next door is the only estuary that exists on the island (although very small indeed), and it seems to be the nature in this area has focused on waters, so not far away there is the mouth of the only river in the insular Spain. 
Of course nothing to do with the famous Galician tions (rías) which are obviously larger but this one leaves a picturesque corner next to the beach with their small boats moored in the lee of the wind, with the forest surrounding.

The best time to enjoy this beach is in the morning as it is located at the eastern side of the island. In that first hour sunlight, the sun plays with the sea, and reflects off the sea offering a silver white flashes, contrasting with the green of the many pines of the area.

The translation of "niu blau" would be "blue nest", although the predominant color of this beach is the green of the pine trees growing in the sand, but the green also contrasts with the blue sky and sea. A place to enjoy the sun and the shadow of the pines and of course without sunshades.