December 12, 2009


A place wrapped in legends and energies, with difficult access. There he is a Buda or Buddha that for years is looking at the south of the island of Ibiza and enjoying of beautiful view of the Mediterranean sea. I am glad that the one who was saying to myself had been wrong. But he said to me that the Buddha of Atlantis had disappeared. Of course there are plenty people without scruples or respect that can eliminate it as the Talibans did with the giant Budas, and that´s why before it happens at least I wanted to immortalize it closely with my camera.
It is said that it was painted by a Japanese, and certainly the skill was very good and very lasting since for years I contemplate the same Buda in the same place. there is a signature with Japanese characters at the right side under the painting that maybe was that of the author.
It is said that it was in the sixties and that the Japanese remained there during a time, taking advantage that there were caves where he could stay. As he says it could only to ponder in loneliness and to do a stop for meditation in his life, they say that he was coming from Vietnam. Maybe like him all of us we should do a break of meditation during a time of our stressed lives.
Undoubtedly this place that actually indeed is called Sa Pedrera of Savinar, has many mysteries and one of them is this Buda or Buddha, but it is a luck to have it still here, hope will last for long time.


  1. Wow..what a piece of beautiful art!

  2. Check on Facebook, someone just did a disgusting Graffiti all over it