June 14, 2013


After a long descent, with some difficulty, we are just at the sea shore. A clear sea invites us to take a bath. One of the things that can surprise us is the large number of fishermen's huts that we find here, after realize how difficult is to arrive here. Is not even easy for owners of small boats, where here they have their little boats as well as all fishing equipment that they need.
Some of these little houses were done long time ago, due they have their rails quite away of the sea, and just rocks from above are now in front of them, so there´s no way to the sea for the boat, but because of its no use during the last years. these rails are lost. But perhaps the dock house has other uses such as the weekend, as an atypical fireplace may indicate that may serve as a place to spend sometime and make some food, and of course enjoy swimming.
About four houses are together in a kind of large dock. Surprising side booths next to the great wall of the precipice, perhaps used to store equipment such as nets and other fishing gadgets.
The rocky area of the lower area of the precipice, makes a strong contrast with the deep blue sea, but it matches the color of rock of  "ses Margalides" islets, which are located right in front of us.
Some strong doors, denote the sea salt, which makes them look more rough and rust spreads throughout the wood.
Some booths surprised by its location. This little house is very curious because it is unusually located inland, and also stands a rocky top quite high over it.
Much closer to the sea these three houses that are in a group of houses is also curious and would not be easy construction in that time, decades ago.
In any case all the docks of this area enjoy spectacular views, an incredible blue and green color and a place that could well be something close to the paradise.