September 06, 2013


There are not many places with the waters so clear as the ones we see in this area. It´s a pleasure to enjoy the islets from inside the water. these islets gives an unusual landscape to this beach. In the image above we see the islet of S'illa des Bosc, which is located directly across from these shores and that if the currents allow us it can be reached by swimming.
Their sandy areas are quite breathtaking, and sometimes get the feeling that never end, and as we can see in the images the visibility inside water is realy clear in this area, much larger than in other areas of the island, this is due the plant "posidonea" which exists in big amount into this area. The posidonea area combines with other great sandy areas into the sea.
Once we are inside the sea, the water provides to our eyes a blue and white setting. These colors of waters and sands are really beautiful and seem the Caribbean at the Mediterranean. All the frequent readers, who often visit my blog (which I appreciate) know my passion for these beaches, the only thing that I can complain is the large number of people who visit in high season this place, something absolutely normal, because this place is so nice that many people want to enjoy of it.
As they get used to us, the fishes will be coming to us ....
As we see in these images the beauty of the beaches of compte is not only in its landscape outside the sea, but also inside.