June 27, 2009


The Saint Vicent´s church is located at the northeast of the Island. I must admit that has been the very last church of the island that I have visited. This time I want to tell a little history (may be a leyend) about this little church. A blogger called Alfonso Naharro wrote it in one of the local newspapers.

The history talk about a pirate’s boat that arrived to Ibiza due a big storm. All died except one of the crew. A neighbourr went to help him but sending away for something to eat, may be to es canar or whatever... The neighbour was rich thanks to all the gold on board of the boat, and wanted thanks god for that, so he brought the treasure to home, and paid a piece of land where a church had to be built. He also requested to someone on the mainland to due a bell, that is the one today we can see on the church. This should happen at the beginning of the XIX ´s century. On those days the people from here had to go to the San Juan´s Church for the mass. The new church of San Vicente was start building in 1827 and meanwhile the church was built the Priest of San Juan had to go every Sunday to do the mass under a big tree. For advising the neighbourhood that service the bell of the Pirate´s boat was the one in use for that, and the assistants went each one with one stone to built the new church. The new church of Sant Vicente was finish in 1838 and on the new bell can read "snta Maria ora pro nobis". 

June 22, 2009

The old Lighthouse

Very few people heard about it. This is a very old lighthouse that for around eighty years doesn´t make any more work. There it is, abandoned, alone, and around it the Mediterranean with his fully blue power colour. When the Tagomago Island lighthouse was built, this one had no more work to do.

The place is one of the sides of the north hills of Ibiza known as "Es amunts", it´s situated at the northeast of the Island. All the technical devices of the top of this former lighthouse is now in use at the lighthouse placed at the Vilagarcía harbour in Galicia at the Punta Insua, very close of the Finisterre cape.

June 17, 2009


Punta Galera is a rocky beach. To get there is not so easy to find and so easy to reach. The rocks there are even confortable for a sunbath. Also is easy to get a bath in to the sea. Some people assure that this is the very first place on to Spain for nudists.

For some other people this is a very energyc place. Some people come here to practice Tai-chi and some other to practice yoga. Also is a place for meditation or just to enjoy the silence of this place.

Also this is the really ideal place for those who practice snorking or diving. Just mind the hills around. Sometimes come rocks down.

June 13, 2009


Vara de Rey is the Center of the City of Ibiza. But not many of the inhabitants of Ibiza know who was Vara de Rey. He was a hero of the Cuba´s war.
Joaquín Vara de Rey y Rubió was born in Ibiza en 1.840. He was a military and politician. He died in Santiago de Cuba in 1.898. He enfaced the troops of the General Henry Lawton with 6.899 men against the 550 of the Vara de rey´s troops.

The monument to Vara de Rey was opened by the King Alfonso XIII in april 1.904.
Also exists a monument to Vara de Rey in Madrid.
At Vara de Rey Square in Ibiza you can find the elegant Montesol Hotel which was the very first hotel on the island.

The most important trade and shops of Ibiza are around Vara de Rey Square. It´s placed just around 100 meters from the harbour and very closed to the reinaissances walls.