June 13, 2009


Vara de Rey is the Center of the City of Ibiza. But not many of the inhabitants of Ibiza know who was Vara de Rey. He was a hero of the Cuba´s war.
Joaquín Vara de Rey y Rubió was born in Ibiza en 1.840. He was a military and politician. He died in Santiago de Cuba in 1.898. He enfaced the troops of the General Henry Lawton with 6.899 men against the 550 of the Vara de rey´s troops.

The monument to Vara de Rey was opened by the King Alfonso XIII in april 1.904.
Also exists a monument to Vara de Rey in Madrid.
At Vara de Rey Square in Ibiza you can find the elegant Montesol Hotel which was the very first hotel on the island.

The most important trade and shops of Ibiza are around Vara de Rey Square. It´s placed just around 100 meters from the harbour and very closed to the reinaissances walls.

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