January 23, 2010


In few days she will celebrate her birtday. Eight decades of live, are many years, but she is a very healthy Lady as we can see in these images.
We just need to see the facility that she is dooing the hard work as a very easy thing for her... How she gather the locust-beans in the basket for later on throw tem to a much bigger sacks, and with the devote company of her cat which stands next to her.
Seeing these images to me it is turning onto my roots, my origin ... my grandmothers were dressing equally during all their whole lives, also they several of my aunts, but with the time they desisted, due it was a slightly inconvinient and uncomfortable.
my question is how many twenty-year-old girls or young people would be capable of doing the lwork that this woman does daily? It seems that no backache at all to her...
Slowly but without pauses, calm in occasions, but steadily, little by little she is filling the sacks... This happens one day that I stay with another blogger, and we decide to approach and asking for the corresponding permission, she allows us to approach, we start talking, and with courtesy she allows us to photograph her, she continues doing the withdrawal the fruits simultaneously that attends to us very spirited and charming.
From here I want to wish her a nice HAPPY BIRTHDAY, she celebrate it at the end of January.
or as we say here MOLTS ANYS I BONS and I hope She will could for a long time be still so animated and with plenty health.

January 11, 2010



I must have summer nostalgia, now in the middle of winter the cold have arrived to the Pitiuses Islands. Yesterday it was snowing (though without becoming set). So this evening I am remmembering the days I spend in Formentera last summer. These images have come to me as " memory flashes", and therefore I have decided to find those photos that I had somewhere and finally I found them.
So with almost three months of delay and expecting not to pass cold seeing them now, here I hang them, and this way to see and to remember again that special light of Formentera.
Es Pujols is the most tourist zone of this small island. It fills with bicycles and "motorinos". But also the little houses - shipyards of the fishermen coexist with the tourism where they guard their small boats "llauts" creating a place where old ways of life coexists with another most modern side that is the tourism.

The tourism leaves not so charming pictures, but it is necessary to admit that they have their merit. They are able to improvises a street market in his promenade walk or put modern art in the decoration of certain tourist business.

In the early morning or the last hours of the evening the streets fill with people. During the central hours the heat days, the people disappear either to the paradisiac beaches or to sleeping a bit and this way to bear a bit better the heat of the central hours of the day.

Es Pujols offers the best choice in hotels and restaurants of the island, bars, shops, rent of cars, motorcycles, buses with diverse destinations to other points of the island, and even Es Pujols offer a nice white sandy beach may be more crowed than others but very nice anyway with amazing blue sea colours. Also Es Pujols can be a site to isolate a bit in winter where the tranquility in the island is general.

January 06, 2010


JANUARY, 7 th, 1972. 38 YEARS AGO

Here where this chapel was build, 104 persons died in Ses Roques Altes, in this point is where the plane SE-210 (Caravelle) of Iberia, EC-ATV named as" Tomás Luís de Victoria " on January 7 th of 1.972 around midday, hitted against one of the tallest mountain of the island (called " ses roques altes ") the aircraft came from Valencia. Most of the passengers were from the mainland and came for back to work after the Christmas Holiday. 104 names are distributed in four different tablets resembling each of them. there are a big quantity of equal surnames, because entire families, or part of them they remained in this accident where there was no survivors. At that moment it was the biggest plane crash for a spanish airline. Unfortunately this "record" was improved in less than one year time, since on December of the same year in another Spanish island (Tenerife) another plane was smashing overcoming the number of victims of this one (155) and only it would be overcome again by other one in the same airport five years after, in 1.977 staying as absolute world record when two Jumbo jets crashed (583 fatalities).

It is incredible as in a site with such a cruel event, just behind the Chapel, exists a beautiful views of the island, maybe some passengers were look at them from their windows, when they were thinking that they were just almost arriving to their destination. But sometimes unfortunately the destiny is very capricious and cruel....

January 02, 2010



Raising s'Talaia ó S'Atalaiassa of Sant Josep that is the highest point of Ibiza with 475 meters of altitude there can see this image of the islands of the West area of the island. The giant Vedrà with his impressive silhouette at the zone South, and in the north zone, not such a high but equally big called island " s'espartà ó espartar " (for the quantity of "esparto" that exists in it) and behind this great island a series of smaller so called islands of "Ses Bledes" (the spinach beets, will it be for that these vegetables exist in these islands?). Views seasoned with the branches of the pines in these heights and in the whole island.