December 05, 2009


KITESURF- A winter in the island? why not?

Winter in Ibiza? Of Course!!!. Who says that Ibiza is boring during winter???, This is one of the Sports you can try in Ibiza during winter. When the strong winds arrive to the island, generally they come from the west, so This do that Sant Antoni´s Bay as perfect site to practice this sport.

So here you are this kiters, going so fast and enjoying themself with this activity. To start practice this sport, it´s recommended to do a course, due the dangerous situations that can be envolved, and is hardly necessary to know what to do just in case.

In this case, the wind came from the right end, it´s called "on shore" if the wind comes from off shore it can be dangerous to get out, so, the kiter can not easily come back to the shore.
This sport in Europe is quite new, but there´s acknowledgment that in China and Indonesia they practice something like this from many centuries ago.

So you know now. If you stay in Ibiza during a windy day, don´t doubt to go to the Sant Antoni´s harbour, you´ll enjoy flying on the sea, or at least to see it.


  1. wow looks like a cool place to kitesurf! Im liking the relaxing kitesurfing music on this page aswell!

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  2. Hey! I will be visiting Ibiza btw. 09/24/2010 - 10/02/2010, an would love to kitsurf the beaches over there. I will be staying at a house 10 minutes from the San Antoni spot and will likely go to Formentera once or twice. I unfortuately do not know much about the beaches and the wind over there, but was wondering if you can help. It has been difficult for me to find good information:
    1. What's the wind like over there during the time I am visiting? I was thinking about bringing over a 2010 North Evo 10m kite and I weigh 75kg, but am not sure what is the average wind speed over there during this time.
    2. Waters @ Puerto Rico are btw. 21 - 29 degrees celcius in PR so I ride in shorts and thing long-sleeve kitesurfing rash guard. Does this suffice for the time I am visiting Ibiza, or do you recommend a dry suit?
    3. Where do you usually ride in Ibiza?

    Any information sources to learn more about kitesurfing @ Ibiza are welcome.


  3. Thanks for this wonderful post and hoping to post more of this!

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