December 19, 2009


ATLANTIS: The lost City

Thousands of years ago, here in this place a grand and prosperous City existed, with big buildings that still today we can see though demolished due to a great cataclysm that finished with this mass of land. For then the famous princess adored by her people was called Tanit, and later the history turned her into goddess, her father was the King of this place. The big marine monsters coexisted together with these people since they were never approaching excessively to the coast. But one day two enormous marine monsters came together with a smaller one. The big monster fell in love rapidly with the Princess Tanit and remained totally still in front of the City to be able to contemplate her to daily. The small monster remained slept to the feet of this one, and the third monster that was the mother of the small one, moved back very sadly up to the other side of this small sea, today it is possible to see as a rock in Calpe's locality, and it´s called "peñón de ifach ", and the other two, are there just infront here, the big one still looking where the Princess was strolling, and the small one rolled and still sleeping from then next to his father, they call " Es Vedrá and Es Vedrané " the time have converted them in to rocks, and the lost city little is under the sea except a small side where we can still see the remains of that great and prosperous former City.

Dad: tell it to me again. My son since we went down there many years ago, repeats incessantly the same thing whenever we go. Tell me again the history of the monsters and the lost City.
Each time we go, I can see him looking out and remain doubtful... It will be that true???
The certain thing is that a place with a lot of energy and inspiration for artists, good ones and not so much others. A few decades ago there were a few sculptures that were just amazing. By the time this place is more an acquaintance and therefore a bit less magic than some years ago, but due to the difficult access, this place still has relative quitness.
Symbols all over, and a comfortable way to go down but very tired to go back. The dunes of sand are the ones that makes that possible, and from these dunes almost as miraculously autochthonous trees arise in a dramatic way that seems that their roots want to turn into legs to walk to a more comfortable site.

These big temples, did they exist indeed?, and these beautiful natural swimming pools?, actually they are there, and maybe the best thing it´s to remain with the magic of those legends...
The certain thing is that this place "atlantis" which is called "Sa Pedrera" (the real name) is a former quarry that the Romans were exploiting it already. Anyhow it seems that decades ago stone was extracted to do big blocks for some of the island´s harbours and marinas.

But still the certain thing is that there they are both crags, the two guardians of the Island. Es vedrá and es Vedrané observing this place. A place where we can disconnect of "our routine and stressing world ".


  1. A magical place! Thanks for taking us there!!

  2. Hi!
    Your Blog is wonderful! i cant tell you what a big help it is for people like us coming from far away lands- to decide the best sightseeing options. How can we reach this place from ibiza town- C/ Ramón Muntaner, 48- 07800 Ibiza. That is whr we will be staying. is it safe for tourists. It seems very quite and deserted. So do you suggest tourists not speaking spanish to visit this magical place?

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