July 27, 2013


From the V century a.c. when the Carthaginians brought the cult of the goddess tanit to Ibiza, this image has become a symbol and icon of the island. Unfortunately during many years has been kept in a museum and bolted closed and now finally after many years has reopened the doors, so it can visited it again, in the Archaeological Museum des Puig des Molins in Ibiza Town . Ibiza is not the only place that worshiped this goddess but also in a wide area Mediterranean and North Africa, especially in Tunisia (from the then powerful Carthage came the Carthaginians to Ibiza), Lebanon, Sardinia, Sicily (which is where it´s believe this image came from) or even in the current Spanish east coast. Tanit was the goddess of love, fertility, death, prosperity, harvest and the moon, and she was the most important divinity for the Carthaginians. Also paid him bloody offerings as firstborn children when things were not going well, in rituals held in the cave is Cuieram (north of the island, where were found numerous representations of this goddess) when the ancient people believed that their goddess was angry. The cult became obsolete with time, but recovered when the hippies came to the island on the 50´s and 60´s. In fact this image has become an icon of the island.

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