July 31, 2009



In few days Ibiza will celebrate de date of Our Lady of Snows, Saint Patroness of Ibiza and Formentera august 5th and Saint Ciriaco august 8th. These celebrations are known as "Festes de sa Terra" (land´s celebrations).
The ones who will go to this celebration may walk throughout the narrow and old streets of Dalt Vila. This nice old Town City surrounded by the most well conservated walls of the Mediterranean after (of course) Malta.
The "Portal de Ses Taules" (Top Picture) is the main entrance door to the city walls, and the way to get the nice "patio de armas" and Dalt Vila. This entrance is just a revival of the old years.

In Dalt Vila streets, the most of the narrow streets are linked by steps, also narrows and very pictoric ones. One has the sense to be lost.

Ibiza´s Castle at the top, from where are I can remember never has been finished. It´s seem that this time they´re getting seriously and in few years we will be able to see it finish.

The other entrance to "Dalt Vila" is known as "Portal Nou" (new door), it´s not so spectacular as the "Portal de ses taules" but throughout a tunnel where we must to walk we will be able to be "in" the walls and see how thick these walls are. We will arrive to a big group of steps and from there we can go on to the very top surrounded for a nice group of white houses.

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