July 11, 2010


During these days plenty Spanish flags are located on to the balconys of the island supporting this way the Spanish Team in Sudafrica to win the World cup. Even Paul the English octopuss living now in Germany has decided that the victory of the world cup belongs to Spain.

Its simple, just go around the city, watch up and you´ll see a lot of flags in yellow and red of the Spanish Kingdom.

Hope that bull soon will be free. All countrys have good and bad things, and I am not proud at all of the famous bullfighting. Hope soon we will enjoy into this country to not have them anymore and that it will be definitely history.

Hope the Spanish team will be luck this time.
If we can not win, we will be in second place, which is no bad at all, but we must try to win.
As we can see below, in Spain there are supporters of both sides, so is not unusual to see diferent flags of another countrys, including Holland our rivals. So that´s mean that if Holland wins the game not everybody will be sad on the island. But hope to see a lot of happy people and Spain gets the cup.


  1. Spain...Spain...Spain...It will be all the way...And it is not Paul, but Pablo :-)

  2. I put my money on Spain like the octopus.

    All the best Spain :)