July 28, 2010



Located on the northeastern coast of the island between the towns of Sant Carles and Cala San Vicente, receives the first rays of sunlight. It's official nudist beach as Es Cavallet beach at the south of the island, and it has wild corners and also has a part with all facilities and services that you can find on any town beach.

In some parts of this narrow beach sand strip you can see giant cliffs that make this a spectacular site. Some places are like small caves, but beware of possible landslides.
On this beach you can find both fine white sand and rocky areas, although the bathroom is very safe. Large amounts of white foam that makes the waves hitting the reefs or rocks, are perhaps the reason of the name of the beach. Aigües blanques or S'Aigua blanca.
In the background we can see the island of Tagomago.

There are areas where there are plenty facilities, such as sunbeds and colorful umbrellas, and in other areas where the beach is almost wild.

The view from the caves that are formed due to the cliffs are seen as above, where the trees cling to any land, making real balances to avoid falling down.
A quiet beach and bustling at the same time, nudist and textile and where the waves hit the shore and rocks protruding from the sea a few meters from the sand are those huge amounts of white foam color that is the origin of the name of this beach, beach where you can walk pretty far from the shore. The problem for the lazy ones who do not like much walking is the access due need to walk enough to get there.

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