September 19, 2016


The fact is that this place is very nice, and it is known locally as "sa penya esbarrada" something like the cracked boulder,and its a landmark for the local people. So here is this famous rock, about to fall in the future. But this name it also refers to the remains of an ancient Muslim house that is very close to this rock and took the name of the cliff.
This rock is easily visible from the area called "Ses Portes del Cel" or the gates of heaven, and the view of the spectacular cliffs is just fantastic. The sunsets from this location are beautiful.
Of course, this natural and espectacular balcony overlooking the Mediterranean should be a place to enjoy, and not to call bad experiences and so you must respect the place and be careful when approaching the edge of the cliff. As for the views from this place as in the previous post, you can see the Margalides (Margaritas) islands and according to the thesis that Christopher Columbus was Ibizan is said to Margarita Island in Venezuela took the name these islets.

September 10, 2016


Despite the crowds in Ibiza during peak season which coincides with the hottest days, there are still places where the sea is very transparent, and where life within its waters is exuberant.
To avoid the high temperatures is not easy, but a dip into the Mediterranean waters can help a lot. But if we do so, provided with a glass mask we will discover the universe that appears infront of us under the waters.
Dozens of silverfish come around us, and also we see all on a blue background that makes for a moment we forget all that is out of this live sea.
Fast movements combined with swimming serene of these fish, if we do not move or offer them some bread, that are circling slowly around us and staying with us for a while.
If snorkeled some more background we can see the same fishes, but with another fund, the impressive background offered by meadows Posidonia, that far from being an alga as often is confused, actually is a marine plant that oxygenates the sea and It produces blue colors only comparable to those in the Caribbean. Let us not forget that the award of "World Heritage" managed in 1,999 had much to do with the conservation of these prairies of Posidonia.