May 13, 2012


The history of Ibiza is full of raids, especially from pirates, so, anxiety filled its inhabitants on those days, and to avoid those dangerous attacks on the population of the island, the inhabitants built around the coast a serie of defense towers that are now as silent witnesses of those dangerous times. The name of this tower has changed over its long history, before was called among other names "Torre des des Carregador" or "Carregador roxo vei".
This tower was built on the XVI century, located almost in the southeast of the island, guarded the entrance to the city from the south. This tower was designed to protect the inhabitants of the area and as well the salt mines workers in case of attack. The Tower could shelter up to 200 people inside. Along with the Torre de Ses Portes were designed to cover the entrance to the city by the south.
 This tower is the closest to Ibiza salt mines, and one of its names, the salt rossa (pink salt) refers to the proximity of saltmaking ponds with this name. Is located at one end of the long Playa den Bossa, on a small and rocky hill which dominates the den Bossa beach. From that place we can admire the fabulous views of Dalt Vila which appears far in the distance.
The sea the place where came a lot of livelihood for many families, as well as such dangers came from there too, such dangers for people who resided on the island. And those Towers as giants, stand vigils and the watchtowers, some armed with powerful guns or others as mere lookouts warned by smoke to the population that danger was approaching.   
As a peculiarity should be noted that is the unique tower available in Ibiza that had a home usage. It is visible from here the nearby island of Formentera and is located in an area called "la xanga". Here too was where there was a salt charger, hence one of its denominations. This charger with salt, then stood further south in the area of Sa Canal (see next entry). Between 2007 and 2008 this tower was refurbished due it was partially damaged, and it is noteworthy that it is the oldest of the island.
It´s really near of the Salt ponds and as well to the Ibiza city, which means is also near of the Ibiza Airport. That´s why sometimes we can see some aircrafts flying around. The tower is only 20 meters above sea level. It is said that in this tower he hid for a time of civil war the poet Vicente Alexandre, and also this Tower was engineered by Juan Bautista Calvi in 1,575

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