April 28, 2012



It is neither a town nor even a village, but does not lack charm to the place. This is a handful of houses that may not know which form the habitation of the most southest of the island.

This is a set of beautiful houses that should belong in the past (or perhaps now too) to the company that operated the salt mines. Perhaps officials formerly lived in them, and is unique in its architecture, but also has a certain aesthetic joint all over the place, especially doors and windows most of them in turquoise or in green colors.

Some houses on the outside are lined with stone, and other property such as white lime so abundant on the island of Ibiza, all this forms a striking aesthetic place.

Some of the old department store where salt stored in the past, and some of them now has come to use as an exhibition place. Anyway a walk in to this area is a pleasure, as also we are just a few meters from the sea and the famous beach of Salinas.

Even sometimes seems that we are at a small outdoor museum, and here we can see -for instance- the old small locomotives circulated by the only railroad tracks that never has been on the island, but instead of carrying passenger they were loaded with salt on the way to nearby port of Sa Canal (which today is still active).

Nowadays, there are not more locomotives in use, but with another modern transport the salt is accumulated and will wait to go out of Ibiza on boat to different destinations, most of them into Europe.

While waiting to be loaded and transported off the island, the salt is piled in white mountains forming impressive contrast with the blue sky and sea, and even we can imagine mountains of snow.

And among these mountains of salt, we see the background of the famous beach of Las Salinas, although his real name is the Platja de Mitjorn or Migdia (Midday).

The nearby port breakwater will be responsible for receiving cargo ships that carry salt, once loaded, although there is usually enough ships to come, the day of my trip there were none.

Old strings that were formerly used for loading salt, are currently enjoying his retirement on a green background of the nearby Mediterranean turquoise.

And on the coast of this place, there are rocky sections also, where if the temperature is warm, one can take a bath into the sea.

From here is very easy to see the shores of the nearby island of Formentera, and of course the islets area is Freus which is located between the two big islands. Here, for example, through this palm tree, is easy to invisioning the silhouette of the lighthouse and the little island of Es Penjats (the hanged men).

The houses in this place, give a bucolic touch because they are profusely decorated with shrubs and plants and also maintain that philosophy of small manor houses.

The courtyards of the houses and the bright turquoise somewhere ... A door, window, or the bars of the balcony, from which also hang some fishing equipment, meanwhile wait to go back out to sea. Anyway it is a quiet, silent and lovely place that has a special charm.

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