December 17, 2008


The water mills are easy to see in the Ibizan landscape, though unfortunately many have disappeared. They are to raise the water for the irrigation. They exist in great number on the south of the island, very near to the airport, but also in a lesser number around the rest of the island. In Majorca they are very common and many can be found near the airport, and they have become an icon of the island.

The other type of mills you can find in Ibiza are the Windmills. Its even more easy to find them on the Island of Formentera. They were used to mill flour. During the last years it´s possible to see them again, thanks to the Culture Department who restored some of them. So nowadays it´s possible to see them in Sant Antoni de Portmany (Molì de Sa Punta), Puig den Valls & Puig des molins (Ibiza City).

This one In Santa Agnes, is still at the top of one mountain. But the arms were blown down during several days of very strong winds.

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