December 19, 2008

AFTER THE STORM... calm comes....!!!

That´s what I am thinking after walking on the Sant Antoni beach, after the western winds, the calm comes to the bay, and with the calm you can see what the wind did. For instance many of the boats are stucked on the beach. The spectacle is not nice, but even with the dramatic efect, there´s something strange looking them. Just thinking also what the owners will say, when they will be aware of the situation of their boat. I presume they will try to find all the paper work about insurances.


  1. Hello Vicente!
    Greetings from Toronto Canada!
    My husband and I travelled to Ibiza and spent a wonderful time there.
    Love to hear from you!
    Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    - Cheers Gisela.

  2. Thanks for the Aena rock. :)