December 17, 2008


The crowded summer beaches of Ibiza are very different in winter. It is a pleasure to walk along them. The views are quite relaxing and even the colour of the sea is different.
People around???? Just a few, if any...

You can enjoy the solitude of these beautiful places for a nice walk along them or just to relax.

Beach Sport in winter???
why not???? it is a truly ideal place and season.
For those sports where you need waves and wind there are no problem. Windsurf, KateSurf or Surfboard or Sailing....

The quietness of the beaches in winter is not limited to rainy days, but can equally be enjoyed on sunny days.

To swim or not it becomes a personal choice. The normal temperature of the sea in winter is not colder than the ocean temperature in (say) .... Scarborough.

The sunsets in winter are much more dramatic than in summer.

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