December 17, 2008



This one is still one of the real authentic small villages that you can find in Ibiza. You can see here the real Ibiza. The center of this village is only a Church, a small shop and several bars. Is very crowded during the weekends and at the Bar Can Cosmi you can enjoy the home made "tortillas" (omelets) and some Ibicencan food.
After the food is very nice to walk around the countryside looking the tipical Ibicencan houses, and if you take the road to the sea, you will come to a breathtaking view of the "acantilados"(cliffs) and from the very top you can enjoy the views to the "margalides islands". There´s a theroy about Colombus in the travelling to America, give the name of this islands to the "Isla Margarita" in Venezuela. May be is true or not, but you´ll enjoy that view, to go down to the sea, may be is a matter of big effort... so enjoy the views from upstairs.
During January or February, you can have a very nice surprise to see that everything turns white on the countryside. Is because the almond tree flowers...
Also because Santa Agnes is located in the Northwest side of the Island is very often possible to get a beautiful susets. Here you have an example. On that day I was luky to have the camera with me.

The very small church of Santa Agnes, is the lowest of the island, during the building some parts came down. But this is not an obstacle to be one of the most nice churches inside on the island.

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