December 17, 2008


The coasts of Ibiza are surrounded by this towers that were build when the danger came from the sea, specially Pirates. All of them are strategically located with a beautiful and very wide view to the sea.
Today I would like to talk about three of them.
May be the most spectacullar one is the Torre des Sabinar, but the real name is Torre des Jueu, because the place is known as Punta des Jueu. It´s also know as "Torre del Pirata" (Pirate´s Tower) because the famous spanish writter Vicente Blasco Ibañez, in his novel "los muertos mandan" (the deads are give the orders), placed the tower in his novel with that name.
Spectacular views of Es Vedrá and Vedranell.
The "Torre de ses portes", is located at very south of the island, facing the small islands between Ibiza and Formentera, was build on the XVII century. but wee see it as it was on the XVIII century. Very nice views from Es Freus and Formentera.

The Tower den Rovira o de Compte is located on the west of the Island, and very close to some small islands. The musslims pirates took refuge on those islands before their attacks, So was urgently necessary to build this tower. You can see the islands of Conejera, Bosque & Espartar.

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