December 18, 2008



May be the name of Sant Antoni is not linked by the best tourist type of the world. But allowed me to talk as good as possible of this town, which in a past, was the best tourist resort of the Mediterranean. Talked about Ibiza was talked about San Antonio and its bay. Here is where the tourist Ibiza World started. May be the problem, doesn´t come from the hooligans it self, but the town hall allowing all the noise and the manners. I am convinnced that with a stronger law, Sant Antoni could it be again what it was.

The next pictures would like to be the reflection that Sant Antoni is much more than alcohol and noise. It´s a wonderful place that if authorities puts solutions it will be again the example of a wonderful resort.

Sant Antoni Bay is protected by that island called "conejera", and that a legend says Hannibal was born there.

Many boats have in Sant Antoni their harbour. The harbour links the Island with Denia and Barcelona. Also is a fishing harbour.

En 1.992 the town dedicated to the 5th centenary of the America discovering that original monument that now is the icon of the town. Columbu´s egg.
At a very few distance of the center, you can find Punta Galera, it´s a rocky place that´s ideal for diving, and also a place which inspirate to the espiritual people.

Not only Sant Antoni is ideal as a Tourist Resort, but also have the best sunset views of the Island.

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