April 23, 2011


CHURCH OF SAINT JOHN (Sant Joan de Labritja)

On hot summer afternoon the church square of San Joan is a cool and shaded place by leafy trees shadows. In my particulary case this church is where I have had more family events. Baptisms, communions, weddings and of course some funerals, a church that has marked many of my memories. So come back here (which I usually do not do much) is like coming back home. My mother was born in this town that also is said to be one of the villages where people have the greatest life expectancy in Spain. It is very common to see people who is over one hundred years in this municipality
En las calurosas tardes de verano la plaza de esta iglesia se encuentra fresca y con sombra gracias a los frondosos árboles que cobijan este lugar.

This church is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist and is curious how the bell is said (and totally true), which is equal to the towers that exist on the Asturian churches, and so, although reminds its neighboring town church of Sant Miquel Balançat. Anyway as a whole has an amazing aesthetic typically Ibicencan. whitewashed walls lend an air of white refreshingly its surroundings

Vicent Ferrer Guash was a beloved priest for 26 years and the nearby parishes of San Lorenzo and San Vicente and was also priest of distant churches as San Rafael and San Telmo this one in the city of Ibiza. Born in 1906 and died in 1,986

In 2,007 some neighboroughs and several institutions have dedicated this monument of modern styling but that is perfectly suited to the architecture and outline of this place. A plaque recalls as a memorial for this beloved priest.

In all churches of the rural Ibiza, there's something not missing. These three crosses together known as Calvary. In this case three large crosses with grand staircases access the form in this church, which like everything that surrounds this place have simple and sober lines.

As in most rural churches a small chapel forms outside a kind of little dome, in this case also rural style. Surrounded by white walls are the tiles covering the chapel and when it rains the water droplets leading to a nearby well.

The porch of the church of Sant Joan is placed in one side, like for example the church of Our Lady of Jesus or the nearby San Vicente (Sa Cala)or Sant Antoni de Portmany (although is not usual) from here it can be see the trees in the square and in summer they protect us from the heat and stays cool to the porch.