March 08, 2009


Allow me to show you today, the same day that I take vacations, these images with a bit of "nostalgia". During this month I will not see the dawn that I am in the habit of seeing all the year during my duty. These images are taken in my "night" duty of work, and as the work is normally synonymous of routine, I have this moment of the day when it comes daily being so special. First this moment means that my duty is near to end, and it is necessary to put the things in order for the following duty and second I have to admit that I am the privileged to can see this views every morning. Not all the people when work can enjoy these spectacular sights.

Every sunrise is different. In the cold mornings of winter the mist appears on the sea when the sun appears and starts warming the cold sea.

The blue & white and multicolors tonalities of colors are appearing as the dawn is breaking the darkness of the night..
There are magic and culminating moments like when the Sun appears in the horizon by differents " Point on the East " In four days times I´ll go away in another direction of the planet ... towards the west, if everything is OK, I will be in the point more to the west of all the places I have been... From there I will remember these dawns views with pleasure.

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  1. i have to say i really like your photos

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