October 15, 2010



One of the greatest treasures of the island remains beneath the sea, the Mediterranean sea that surrounds the islands of Ibiza and Formentera. The meadows of oceanic posidonea are displayed in the World Heritage Site by Unesco for "Ibiza biodiversity and culture", where they appear as such: Dalt Vila, the necropolis of Puig des Molins, Ses feixes, the Phoenician site of Sa Caleta, the "salinas" of Ibiza and Formentera and the area of "Freus" (exactly where I took these pictures) and oceanic posidonea meadows and natural formations on the seabed.

These meadows of posidonea are certenly oxygen lungs for the Mediterranean around the islands and between them have held a variety of animal and plant life.
This marine plant is also responsible of the spectacular blue colors of the sea in some sea areas of the island.
Esta planta marina también es la responsable de los colores insultantemente azules del mar en algunas zonas de la ísla.
Where there is no posidonea, there are large sandy or rocky terraces covered with other marine vegetation. The fishes are swimming around, from one place to another and sometimes accompany us on our vistis underwater
Rocky reefs are home for a number of fish and other marine life. There are many around Ibiza, and colorful views of these areas make us spend time forgetting the everyday routine. There's nothing like being like a fish for a while.
A relative of the last character in the global media, octopus Paul did not hesitate to choose the Spanish team as a winner in the last footbal worldcup, is easy to found on the seabed, but amazed at the great facility with changing their color to camuflate itself.
Some of these octopuss like to play, this one played with my fins (of course, chose not know why the right wing, extending its tentacles in it, completely ignoring the left one). Once tired of playing with her flaps moved away quickly.
Anemones also exist in many parts of the coast of Ibiza. Some of them with spectacular colors and shapes that they move following the waves movements. To jump down the sea, is to go to other site of the island.

October 04, 2010



One of the Secrets of the island is the small town of Sant Carles, a town with character. In summer is a cross of roads leading to the best beaches at the eastside of the island. Located just four miles north of the capital of the county (Santa Eulalia) council to which it belongs. As the small white villages of the island its center is the church and in this case we find one of the most beautiful white churches of the island. The church porch is one of the most beautiful and includes a well whitewashed at the entry area.

The church interior is marked under Ibicencan styles. White not only outside but inside, although in this case after the war and destruction of all their altars, part of the population were recycled timbers and built small but beautiful little altars in each chapels, making in this church something remarkable compared to the other but simply that characterizes religious temples on the island.

On the main altar the image of Saint Charles Borromeo, Milan Bishop stands majestically in a completely white background. Facing it many couples, some very famous who have chosen this sober setting to swear eternal love, even in some celebrations German´s punk singer Nina Hagen has dared to sing a religious piece

Beside its white church, at parish hall has served as a stage for classical music and piano, having been born here a strong tradition that has become an international event that has even come to be a spectator of such an event, the sister of the Queen of Spain

But if there is anything that characterizes the people is its bar, which, like his church have been the subject of films & T.V. serials that were set in the sixties.

A bar with great hearth, which holds an annual photo contest has become one of the most famous of the island. The bar retains the air of those sixties / seventies and where you can take herbs typical Ibizan made entirely by hand.

This site is the meeting point of the village. In the picture above the mailboxes are still in use, this bar where in addition to exercising the functions of makeshift post office.