July 19, 2013


Any visitor or inhabitant of a house in the countryside of Ibiza may be surprised to see how the inhabitants of the island, are living among these small animals a bit "weird" or "ugly" but very friendly, although very fearful . If you run into any of them, at first sight can cause rejection due the strange appearance, but they are completely harmless. In Ibiza the locals call them "dragons"
These are newts exemplars of the kind "Tarentola mauritanica" inhabiting the Mediterranean basin, where the original habitat is southern Europe and northern Africa. Ibiza is no exception and it is common to see many of them, especially at dusk when they hunt insects, and it is for this reason that locals appreciate much these animals. They´re also very often in the trunks of carob and olive trees, and of course on the white walls both outside and inside the houses of Ibiza. It´s said that´s bad luck harm them or kill them, as well like some animals like swallows or lizards. During winter it is quite difficult to spot them, due they usually hibernate, although on sunny days they can be seen some..


  1. These Dragons are really very horrible :(
    What if anyy visitor come there and became afraid of this agony "balla"
    People come in to celebrate ibiza holiday from far areas.

  2. Hi Nataly: I´m sure not all people will be afraid of these skittish little geckos. If they go only to the beach or disco they´ll not even find one. they´re not easy to find them.... Regards.

  3. I don't understand why anyone would dislike geckos/dragons. A beautiful and natural pest controller and symbol of Ibiza! As a tourist it's always fun to spot one scampering away and I've never encountered somebody in ten years of visiting Ibiza that is scared of them!!