June 16, 2014


A tiny beach in size but big on beauty. Lost, so it is a bit confusing the way to get to it. But definitely it´s worth it.
The tiny beach is surrounded by rocks and pine trees, which makes it very attractive. Also in the vicinity is a small harbor with small fishing boats, where we can arrive in a short but lovely walk.
The small beach is sandy, but mostly covered with posidonea. The posidonea due to ignorance is often synonymous with dirt, when in fact the opposite is true. For starters it's not an algae but a marine plant that is found only in the Mediterranean (also called Neptune grass). Ibiza and Formentera have on their seabed, the posidonea great prairies which contributes to the good color of sea water, since this plant oxygenates the seawater. Also on the beach (as we see in the picture above) the posidonea make barriers that prevents water drag the sand, therefore protects beaches and prevents run out of sand. In addition also have advantages, we can walk, jump or lie over it without any danger.
As we move to the small port, very close to the beach we see a landscape of sea, rocks and pine trees with a striking contrast of colors. It´s amazing how some pines arise directly from the rock. We can see here as the cove, almost looks like a estuary, due the incoming water that is surrounded of narrow sea shores. In the background we see an area of ​​reeds and rushes in the main beach, because that area is also the mouth of a small stream during the rainy season.
A small picturesque harbor is situated near the beach, with some local fishing boats. Small docks also harbor small boats waiting to be released out to sea by the owner, who often live nearby.
Fishing gear and proper maintenance of vessels, indicate that are used as fishing boats frequently. From this small port, we can enjoy the best views of the small cove that is opposite. Here the sea has a green or turquoise color that contrasts with the pines at the background. What is not lacking in this place is the incredible quietness all year round.