August 21, 2009


Sa figuera borda is the name of a bush and also is the name of this such especial place at the Ibiza coast. It´s like a big cave where it´s opened at the east and the west side. Looking to the east we can enjoy a big hill infront of us, and at the west the magnificent rock of s´espartar island.
Taking advantage of this "cave" the former fishermen installed here some fishermen's sheds, some of them looking in the eastern part as we see below and others as above look directly at the island that is located in the west side.
In both side sheds have a very simple access to the sea, maybe to arrive here is not so simple and let's have to do it for stairs slightly difficult to find and of going down

This is also a good place to have a bath, may be the access to the sea is a bit complicate. Some boats like to anchorage around this place.
Also there exists some walk paths but it´s not recommended for people who have no experience.
This is a beautiful place to see nice sunsets.


  1. These photographs are amazing. A feast for the eyes. How wonderful to have seen the images in person.

    You certainly got good images of the firewaorks too and I enjoy reading of the celebrations in countries such as yours.

  2. Amazing photos! Love the ones taken from the cave...