August 04, 2009



The Cathedral of Ibiza is under the advocation of Our Lady of Snows (which is difficult to understad due the few times that snows in the Island) but we can find an explanation with the history. the August 8th of 1235 the troops of Guillem de Montgrí, arrived to Ibiza with an expedition of behalf Jaime I the Conqueror. With them they brought a new religion to this Island, the Cristianity. They want to have the Virgin as the Patroness of Ibiza, but they had to find the nearest advocation by the calendar so that was the 5th of august with Our Lady of Snows.

The Cathedral is located at the very top of the dalt vila´s hill. From there we can enjoy a awesome view of the city and a part of the Island.

At the beggining the Cathedral was built in gothic style, but after many reforms the style is a bit difficult to say. Anyway and still today we can see some details of the old gothic as the one in the picture below.
Inside the temple we can see white walls as near all churches in Ibiza.
In the picture below we can see an image of Saint Ciriaco, which it doen´t exist to much devotion. He is in fact the Saint Patron of Ibiza. The festivity of this Saint coincides with the big fiesta day of the "Festes de la terra" which is the 8th of August. This is really the historical day of the Reconquest of the Island by the Aragon kingdom. Every August 8th a Te Deum is celebrating in to the Cathedral.

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