August 12, 2009


Walking around SANTA AGNÈS

During these hot days, another way to relax is walking around the countryside of Ibiza. Santa gnés de Corona is a really small village at the northwest side of Ibiza. The grasshoppers will entertain our way with their hissed(creaked) singings, and will accompany us while we enjoy the beauty and sobriety of the nature.
This well (over) is a specimen that the Arabs constructed during their on the island. The form is very curious, very near of it we can see as the snails "hibernan" up to the following rains.

The houses whitewashed on the one hand and others of stone accompany us in the way, some of these small houses of stone are nowadays corrals.

In some houses they inhabit at liberty the doves that are in the habit of remaining about their houses. Although they are often flying around the house always they back again to the house.

Centenary olive trees with involved trunks are another of the attraction of the way.

The grapevines also adorn the typical walls of Ibiza with their greenery offering an authentic contrast. And if we get tired for the way always there is some fig tree offering shade.

At the end we are comming back to the same initial departure point. The white church of Santa Agnès de Corona.


  1. Thank you very much for sharing such beautiful images of your island. I just to lived in Ibiza many years ago so I can remain those days thanks to your blog.
    Sheena - Scotland

  2. These photos are beautiful. Thanks for your visit and comments.I already left you a comment on another post but it seems to have disappeared.