April 14, 2012



It´s Perhaps one of the most beautiful and spectacular spots of the entire northern coast of the Es Amunts and the whole island as well. Easily accessible even after a long walk we find here a beautiful and natural harbor preceded by a stretch arm of sea that ends in a kind of lake, where calm reigns even on windy days.

In this kind of lake surrounded by pine trees and native flora, we will be also surprised by the colors of the sea, ranging from the more marine blue to green or turquoise, with a totally clean and transparent waters. Wildlife such as gulls and cormorants are quite abundant in this area, geographically far north of the island, between the rural villages of Sant Miquel and Sant Mateu.

The blue arm of sea that links this small harbor with the sea, contrasts with the rocks and plants that exist in the area (Portitxol in "ibicenco language" comes from the word meaning small port).

Although the arrival here is done through a small path after a long way that leads u untill here we are surprise about the number of booths that ships dock near the cove. It is no shortage of people who fish in these waters with their small boats. Sometimes we can even see the fishermen mending their networks before getting back to sea.

Undoubtedly the most impressive of this place are its clear waters, and although there is no sandy beach, we can have a bath here in these nice waters or even dive in.

The views that we enjoy as we go on our way from one side of this place, let us to enjoy the green forests that surround the place, and the clear blue sky and the waters contrasting with the small cliffs that give the water in and outlet the sea that bathes these shores.

Not only we can enjoy these waters, so does the wildlife found here because of the tranquility and the big amount of fishing. An attractive place, which makes us enjoy a few hours disconnected from the activities of the modern world.

An oasis that gives us a lot of beautiful landscapes difficult to find elsewhere on the island.

In addition the site gives us nice pictures of small fishing vessels or rest in their docks or just ready to navigate the sea and around these waters and try luck with fishing.

When we decided to go back, let's turn the head to see the beautiful landscape we leave behind. A road that is full of native nature leads us back up through a path a little heavier than when we came, so we must now to go all way up, all we had to climb down before, but always enjoing the explosion of nature that we encounter in this way and that now leads us away from this amazing site.

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