December 17, 2008


SANTA EULARIA D´ES RIU May is not popular to know that the real name of the river of Santa Eulalia, was the river Valcar. It was a very important river, for that part of the island.
About the bridge (you can see thep picture upside), There are no information about when it was built. So a legend says that it was built by the devil on the Saint John´s night, during the night. Nowadays the end of the old river, is a small harbour for local fishing boats, and is located very near of a beautiful sandy beach.Santa Eulalia has a "Puig de Missa",( mass hill), there´s another in San Miguel, but may be this one is more famous. Santa Eulalia is the third most important town on the island.
The white church of Santa Eulalia has a separate "porche" (porch or hall) that is one of the most beautiful from all the churches of Ibiza. This church is selected by many people, and specially for foreings for their weddings in Ibiza.
This building also was a fortress, and it´s easy to see that, when you are aware that no windows and big walls are cleary on the building. Also the tower at the back of the building indicates the caracter of fortress.


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