August 23, 2013



It´s true that Ibiza now in August is crowded. It is obviously high season. But still are places where we still can find, much as a handful of people, or even less, far of the big crowds, who comes to the Island to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the island. One of these hidden places is Cala Llentrisca.

But to get this we have to roam a long dust lane, from the top of a mountain to the bottom to reach this beach, and certainly we can not drive till here. Some parts of the way, are through some trails that are a bit hard, but because the high temperatures, one can feel harder than it is, anyway it´s also a nice place to visit in winter and much easy.

When we reach here the quiteness is assured, so we find here only some few locals, and some tourists seeking the hidden corners of the island. There also some people who access it by boat, due it is much easier to get here by boat, than to walk.

The boathouses are present throughout the width of the beach, and these tiny buildings is where the local fishermen protect their small boats.

Here there are not modern buildings, restaurants or hotels all around this area, and that is why the forest almost touches the sea. In this cove we find sections with white sand and small pebbles in others, but always with a clear water that allows us to see the bottom.

Who enjoy beach clubs with restaurants, bars and music, this is definetly not their place. On the contrary who enjoys tranquility and nature contact, they will find a place to relax far of the urban places. Here we may live with the few fishermen if they go to sea, and see how they pick up and drop the fishing gear on the beach or in a boat.

This cove is surrounded by a rocky amphitheater that stands behind us and that will protects us from the western wind.

The boats stranded on the sand, give it a color that contrasts with the green of the forest nearby, or the blue or turquoise sea. Definitely a place to enjoy nature.

accessing or leave this place is through a long path that awaits us, but we will be gratified with stunning views of several nearby places. One impressive view is the one to the stunning islets of Es Vedra and Vedranell, that we can glimpse through the woods several times. This is one of the many corners, of the hidden Ibiza..

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