September 14, 2009


I was talking about a Julius Verne´s novel on the previous entry and exactly about his novel Hector Servadac. And I received the good new about the birth of another Hector who in fact is the son of another Ibiza´s blogger. The proud father is Pepe Roselló which is my mate work and he is the one that create the blog . So this new Hector will leave in a beautiful island called Ibiza and may be in a future will be able to travel around the space as Hector Servadac did in the novel. At the moment Hector Roselló is doing what he has to do, get feed, and dont let the parents sleep too much. So from this blog I want to share such a wonderful new and send my CONGRATULATIONS to Pepe and Norma for such a nice baby.

Photos courtesy of Pepe Roselló.

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