September 18, 2009

I anarem a Sant Miquel


Some decades ago, the music group UC, released the song "anarem a Sant Miquel" "We went to Sant Miquel" it´s a funny song that get really popular all over the island. The song was converted in a kind of Ibiza´s hymn. But the little village became even more popular.
It seems the origin of this song, was nothing to do with this village, but in the origin was a house called "Can Miquel des Canal des Tumei" at the very other side of the island near Sant Josep de S´atalaya in the south side of the island. In that house lived a lady with two small and very entertaining girls. So when people where visiting the house in "colla" (group) they were singing this song that in future became the song we know now.
This song as the years went by, was distorted changing the original - Can Miquel (Miquel´s home)- into Sant Miquel and creating great reputation like that to the village. Undoubtedly it is a song of the most popular and more famous in the island. And in addition in this epoch in which the major amusement of weekends was to be going to take something to some village of the island, Sant Miquel took the best fame to be often visited by the island´s inhabitants and this way the streets and the bars were filling with people that went to the village of Saint Miquel due the so many reputation created by the song.
The village does not lack motives for being visited. Since it is a village with very much captivation and from Ibiza flavor. It has been a village that has could make last traditions as the dance payés that for many decades have been celebrated every Thursday of summer in the court of the church. The houses near the church have an unequivocally from Ibiza and like that architecture we see it easily across their thick, bulky and white walls.

Some years ago the schedule that had assigned for the religious office was " to the dusk " as it was saying an advise paper in the entry of the temple. And always I still had the doubt ... that exact moment was the dusk? Was it before putting on the Sun?, was it after putting on the Sun?, when the lampposts were ignited? After having ignited them?, and still today I continue with the doubt how residents knew the exact moment to start the mass office?. In the picture above is possible to see that still it exists the same tabacco shop that existed does more than half a century behind and a bar that little has changed since then. They are placed close to the church and what before they were shaping the center of the village now already it has grown even down of the small mount.

Es puig (the mount) of Sant Miquel is crowned by a church that is of the simplest, white, ancient and beautiful from Ibiza. But on the part of behind shows us his origin apart from religious purposes. It was a strength fortress where the inhabitants were going to shelter of the Berber assaults and all the dangers that Ibiza had to confront in those times.

Opposite the church years ago there was installed a sculpture of Marià Villangomez i Llobet. The Sculpture is built in bronze , a celebrated poet from Ibiza who deceased in 2002. Although he was born and dying in Eivissa's City, he was a teacher in Sant Miquel. Since here we can watch him reading a book and looking at the village from the very top.

Below we see a sight of " puig of missa "(mass mount) of Sant Miquel. Two famous ones exist " puig of missa " or mount of mass in Ibiza. In Santa Eulalia and this one of Sant Miquel both offer a few beautiful views whom they raise up.

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